CampZero Active Luxury Resort, Valle d'Aosta


Vimar technology at the foot of Monte Rosa

Nature acts as the inspiration for the luxury design of CampZero, the new Active Luxury Resort that reflects a new philosophy of hospitaly. Meanwhile, it brings together all commodities of an enchanting hotel. The structure, located at the foot of Monte Rosa, blends with the immediate surroundings, offering a feeling of total peace and comfort. Each detail has been thought out down to the smallest detail ensuring a sustainable approach from every point of view.

The same concept has been used while choosing the system for the hotel’s management. Here, Vimar comes into play with its building automation system Well-Contact Plus, developed with the international KNX standard. The system enables a control of comfort, energy and security in all environments. Lights, temperature, entries, exits, everything can be controlled and programmed at the reception through the Well-contact Suite software.

Thanks to Well-contact Plus the staff supervises the whole Resort from a single point. The centralized control enables a fast setting of lighting and temperature, offering the perfect atmosphere according to current needs, a check-in or check-out supervision and the monitoring of technical alarms. Lighting and climate can be customized in all 30 suites thanks to Vimar controls and thermostats, all provided with a touch screen with RGB backlighting.

The wide range of sockets – from shaver sockets until the data ones – answers to any kind of functional need and it is available with different international standards. Meanwhile, USB sockets enable the fast recharge of the most powerful devices. In addition to sockets, switches and thermostats, all rooms are also fitted with Vimar card readers. Customers can simply place the card in the slot to switch on the lights and set the temperature to the required level. Outside each room, they placed Eikon Tactil readers, with their refined design. Designed in the present for the future, Arkè series in the Classic version with its rational shape, linear profile and sharp corners is perfectly integrated in the context. Wood, metals and stone. CampZero results in a modern and majestic yet relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This effect has been achieved also through Vimar technology that contributes to define spaces where wellness can be completely experienced.

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