Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel

Vimar Eikon Oro | Dolce Golden Lake Hotel Hanoi Vietnam

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel has gone that extra - golden - mile to bring visitors back to Vietnam, where the tourism industry is recovering from the halt imposed by COVID-19.

This new, super luxury 5 star hotel, located on the Giang Vo lake in Hanoi, opened on 2 July 2020 and is the first gold-plated hotel in the world. From its rooftop infinity swimming pool to the sanitaryware in its bathrooms, from the floors to the walls of the 400 bedrooms and spaces that span no less than 25 floors, all the coverings are in 24 carat gold, offering guests the most precious stay ever. The hotel, owned by Hoa Binh Group and managed by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, company with headquarters in the United States, instantly stands out from the grey buildings that surround it, built in the Soviet age.

About one ton of gold was used to decorate the hotel, in which the design and technology of the Vimar devices have been installed to ensure that the electrical system also guarantees a premium service worthy of such a luxurious context. Elegance, excellence, prestige: when it comes to energy this world is Eikon. The 1-way switches, controls and socket outlets installed in the Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel are from the Eikon series, and have naturally been installed in the elegant shiny gold version. The material and forms of the devices blend in perfectly with these environments, becoming an important furnishing accessory that underlines the attention to detail and refined overall aesthetic appeal of the context. In addition to guaranteeing an elegant design, the Eikon devices also ensure optimum comfort. A wide range of sockets – from shaver sockets in the bathrooms to telephone sockets - meets every functional need. Finally, a flawless energy management system features switches that are capable of controlling the lighting, so further enhancing the fine finishes of this work.

In this way, the Vimar devices display their excellence and versatility, showing they are also the ideal solution for use in international hotel environments that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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