Studio Notarile Bologna

Notary Office

Eighty lighting points framed by the elegant lines of Eikon Classic, in the refined tones of metal painted matt silver, form the aesthetic complements of a state of the art electrical installation in the office of a notary in the centre of Bologna. Overlooking the ancient city, with panoramic views of the towers of Asinelli and Garisenda, the studio is fully supported by the By-me home automation and Netsafe structured cabling systems, which manages the entire network, and is equipped with the most innovative features from the Vimar catalogue.

The By-me control unit manages the intrusion detection system, equipped with video surveillance cameras and contact interfaces connected, among other things, to the bar magnet that monitors unsolicited opening of the front door. The entry and exit from the studio is effected with a transponder key which also triggers the general on/off scenarios, which in addition to deactivating or activating the intruder alarm, also activate other system parameters such as opening and closing the shutters, air conditioning and lights. A invaluable aid in terms of comfort, safety and energy savings.

The notaries who own the studio are satisfied with the final result achieved and thanks to the Vimar products installed and the By-me home automation system the overall management of the structure is optimal and extremely functional.


Architectural design: Architect Angeloni and Architect Mantovani
System installation: Manutenglobal (Bologna) of Daniele Meli and Christian Sevoli
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

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