State of the art style.

Elegant, sophisticated and contemporary: 3 adjectives that perfectly describe The Met, the 5-star hotel opened in 2009 in Greece’s second-biggest city Thessaloniki, designed by Zeppos-Georgiades & Associates. The hotel has a strong business focus, as the 13 different meeting rooms prove, as well as a passion for fine art, with 16 works of art from Cristina Chandris’ private collection and pieces from the famous German artist Ralph Baiker. The understated elegance emerges in the choice of materials used in the lobby and VIP lounge: dark wood, white marble, black granite and glass, with a preference for exquisite darker shades. The Eikon with Classic cover plate complements this style, and the anthracite grey was a natural choice for light controls in the public areas of the hotel. The Idea series with Classica cover plate was picked for the bedrooms, to underline the sophisticated furnishings.

the met hotel thessaloniki eikon idea salottino
the met hotel thessaloniki eikon idea letto
the met hotel thessaloniki eikon idea particolare

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