All the charm of an Idea

In the heart of Umbria, hidden amongst the greenery, you will find Moravola Tower, an ancient medieval retreat resplendent in beauty and charm.

Converted to boutique hotel, the facility – after a thorough restoration that has admirably removed the signs of ageing while maintaining the nobility and the architectural and artistic value of the site – opened in 2008, revealing itself in all its charm, steeped in history. The restoration work actually highlights the historical aspects, maintaining the original idea and enhancing the distinctive features, such as the stone-covered walls and engravings dating back to the tenth century. Work began in 2001 – after more than 50 years of neglect – thanks to architect Chrispopher Chong who, with the help of his wife and designer Seonid Mackenzie, gave the location a second life.

Conveniently located just a few kilometres from the gorgeous centres of Perugia, Assisi and Gubbio, Moravola Tower has in a short time become a benchmark for informed, cultural and high quality tourism. An authentic place, where the gardens, terraces and infinity pool are perfectly aligned with the ridge of the hill, offering a fantastic three hundred and sixty degree view of the surrounding valleys, and offering guests the feeling of being completely isolated from the modern world, but without giving up on comfort and well-being.

The interior, like the exterior, reveals a continuous dialogue between the antique and the modern, which is also the philosophy behind the restructuring of the manor: a contemporary design and original shapes for a timeless style. Alongside the original features, such as chimneys, walls and antique inlays, resides modern comforts, functions and technologies in an environment of perfect harmony between modernity and the memoirs of a centuries-old past.

Seven suites are arranged around the tower, all with distinctive style and elegance. In every room you are immersed in a refined luxury that is never ostentatious, defined in every little detail and designed for customers able to recognise and appreciate the beauty hidden in the details, like the old stone or the prized wood. According to the design philosophy, each room must be a "unique piece", hence the special, one-off furnishings made ​​to measure. Alongside the clean lines of the furniture are the handcrafted works in traditional local materials, produced by skilled artisans. The end result is harmonious and original: modern, but warm and inviting furniture which creates an effective contrast with the strong architectural tones that characterise every room and the common areas.

In a general context of attention to the environment and the protection of the historical and architectural heritage of the building, Vimar has contributed to the revival of this site with its products.  Thus, like jewels set in the stone walls or alongside the furniture, the elegant contours of the Idea series hold the devices that form an electrical system with essential functionality, consistent with the context in which they are inserted. The Rondò plaques were selected for their soft forms: made of die-cast metal in the colour slate, complete with charcoal grey buttons that highlight the chromatic harmony.

Besides its elegance however, Idea also provides maximum safety, comfort and practicality. Each suite in fact features a thermostat to set the intensity of the air-conditioning. A wide range of sockets – from those for razors positioned in the bathrooms to those for the telephone plugs – meeting every need while ensuring user safety. While the discrete but very useful card readers with vertical pockets allow you to turn off all the lights and heating from a single point when you are leaving the room.

The Vimar devices thus represent the right complement to an environment where the sense of peace and the amenities enrich every moment, rendering it an enchanting treasure trove of history and nature.


Home series: Idea 

System installation: Bruschi Reale Impianti Elettrici, Trestina (PG) 

System design: Studio tecnico Tosti, Città di Castello (PG)

Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_panoramica ambiente
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_zona giorno
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_scale
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_veduta notturna
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_salotto
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_salotto
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_interni
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_bagno
Hotel Torre di Moravola_serie civile Idea_camera da letto

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