Luxury has a new perspective

In the heart of Pescara, a short walk from the town centre, a new residential, office and commercial complex counts as one of the most futuristic buildings ever constructed in the Abruzzo region and beyond. Perfectly integrated in the surrounding area, the Torri Camuzzi are a manifestation of prestige covering an area of ​​nineteen thousand square meters.

They are very strategically located, and the residential and commercial solutions found there are unique examples of their kind. The spaces reflect the philosophy of the company behind its construction, which considered every minute detail of the interior and the surrounding context essential.

This is demonstrated by the special design which allows the connection between the large parking lot in front of the complex and the town centre: a new pedestrian promenade, a bicycle path, parks, elegant pavements and a state of the art outdoor lighting system which together convey the idea of being immersed in spaces for living.

In a departure from the typical building scenario of the area, the towers represent a conceptual breakthrough in the relationship between dwellings, offices and shops that interact with each other and yet still retain their distinct function thanks to a specially designed ad hoc layout. Public areas such as a gym, a conference room and a Baby Club for minors were created with a special purpose in mind: to encourage socialising among residents and a sense of being part of a neighbourhood.

It is amazing to see the way this structure incorporates all the smallest details, designed with care and precision. The apartments and offices (all with Class A Energy ratings) have large insulated windows which provide complete soundproofing for peace and tranquillity, while still allowing plenty of sunlight to enter. While special attention was dedicated to the management of space: to provide optimal control of automatic systems, climate control systems, audio, burglar alarms, technical alarms and remote control, Vimar By-me home automation systems were in fact installed.

With a technology that is as sophisticated as it is easy to use, By-me, through the intuitive interface of the latest generation of video touch screen, allows the management of control and monitoring of all the functions in the home. For example, thanks to several pre-programmed settings, the simple press of a button will open all the shutters and turn on some of the lights in the "Wake up" scenario, or do the opposite with the "Night" scenario. And more: by simply touching the touch screen display of the video system which is integrated with the sound system, up to 4 different music sources can be managed, allow for differentiated listening in every room. Classical music in the living room, the latest pop hits in the kitchen or in the bedroom: favourite songs can be chosen simply and intuitively, with high quality speakers ensure optimal fidelity.

Each apartment becomes a haven of well-being where lighting, climate and music can be mixed to create the perfect atmosphere every time and enjoy living spaces with maximum comfort. And this also applies to the offices, where By-me creates the conditions to face the working day in the best possible way. And for those who spend a lot of time away from home, the control functions of the home automation system can also be set remotely with a cell phone via GSM. So you can always come home to the conditions you want.

Anyone who buys or has already bought one of these beautiful apartments can also customize their home by installing other home automation functions in addition to the standard ones already supplied, to suit your needs. The Vimar home automation system makes it possible to add new devices over time, without having to intervene with masonry work, so the home can be adapted to the changing needs of its inhabitants.

The 4.3-inch Full Flat video touch screen is connected to an external Elvox plate with a built-in camera, allowing the management of video intercoms with the entrance, with an always clear video image of the person at the door. The dialogue quality between the inside and the outside is ensured by the DueFili technology that speeds up and simplifies the Audio-Video signal and data transmission as well as improving the quality.

For an aesthetic touch to all the Vimar devices installed, the Eikon Evo home series was chosen, here in anodized aluminium coloured grey lava. A presence that is at once discreet but fascinating, with light yet defined features that complement the furnishings of the home. The fine materials, the significant dimensions and the ultra thin profile of these plates adapt the electrical system with the environment perfectly.

From the top of the towers, where there are two penthouses with swimming pools and a 360° panoramic view of the city, the concept of luxury assumes a new perspective in which the unique Eikon Evo takes its rightful place. Charming, refined and exclusive, the Vimar home series is a tribute to beauty of forms and the quality of finishes. A true object of design with a charm like no other.



Home automation system: By-me

Home series: Eikon Evo

Design and installation of electrical system: D.B.A. Impianti Tecnologici, Scafa (Pe)

Torri camuzzi pescara edificio
Torri camuzzi pescara illuminate alla sera
Torri camuzzi particolare dispositivi Vimar
Torri camuzzi particolare dispositivi Vimar
Torri camuzzi pescara eikon evo soggiorno
Torri camuzzi particolare camera da letto
Torri camuzzi pescara piscina
Torri camuzzi zona living con dispositivi Vimar
Torri camuzzi pescara piscina panoramica esterno
Torri camuzzi pescara area fitness
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Torri camuzzi dispositivi Vimar all'ingresso
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