Fiumara District

The Fiumara district in Genoa is the result of a careful urban renewal project that was able to bring new life to an area that was once used for a completely different purpose.

The district, in fact, stands on the abandoned Ansaldo foundry, built in 1917 as a cast iron foundry and developed over subsequent decades to occupy more than five acres of land. The redevelopment has given rise to three towers with around a hundred apartments in each, a shopping centre, a cinema complex, offices and a green area, harmoniously inserting every new construction with the overall urban context.

In all of the buildings in the neighbourhood, including those destined for housing and for services, the Vimar Idea series was installed: practical and durable, safe and with an aesthetic design which leaves nothing to be desired. The buttons and controls are in charcoal grey and set in Rondo model slate plaques. An enormous 6,800 lighting points and 8,500 devices for comfort, security and energy management all contribute to the function and enhancement of the buildings, thanks to the guaranteed quality of Vimar.

Unita abitative genova idea struttura
Unita abitative genova idea soggiorno
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