Boscolo Hotel Exedra

A major project for recovering the artistic heritage of Rome, in the area of the Diocletian Thermal Baths. The result, which has brought a disused historic palazzo back to life, is the luxury five-star Boscolo Exedra Hotel. For which Vimar supplied all the switching points. 
In the very heart of Rome, 239 rooms and suites offering hospitality of the highest calibre. A luxury five-star hotel, refurbished and renovated by two internationally renowned architects. 
Five-star Idea for this hotel. In every room, satellite TV, internet and emergency hand lamps. Bedside tabletop switches installed in table mounting boxes. Extensive laser custom engravings on switches. Multistandard socket outlets throughout, to accommodate any type of plug.

Hotel exedra roma idea panoramica notturna
Hotel exedra roma idea colonna con placca
Hotel exedra roma idea tavolini
Hotel exedra roma idea spazio interno
Hotel exedra roma idea particolare bagno

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