The heart of Bergamo comes on with Eikon Evo

Set against the magnificent background of "Upper" Bergamo is the Relais San Lorenzo: a unique location, where history, luxury, wellness and excellent cuisine go hand in hand.

The building's modern profile, blending in with the stone walls and ancient plasterwork of the surrounding historical buildings, offers an attractive and harmonious vision. The Relais is situated in one of the oldest Italian walled cities, where you can travel through art, culture and time, enjoying the experience of a thrilling, relaxing and unique holiday. The typical services of a luxury hotel are set against the incredible seduction of atmospheres steeped in history and charm.

Once inside, in addition to the sophisticate atmosphere, the visitor's gaze will fall on an element that can't go unnoticed: charming, elegant and exclusive, the Vimar Eikon Evo cover plates – here with lava grey anodized aluminium finish – are in their element, framing switches, sockets and controls in the public areas and in the rooms. Their forms represent a new definition of style and a new concept of luxury, turning the electrical system an authentic furnishing complement. 

Set like jewels in the glass of the mirrored walls in the suites, in the wooden bedheads and the marble coverings of the ultra-elegant bathrooms, Eikon Evo devices offer the best in elegance. A wide range of sockets – from shaver sockets in bathrooms to phone sockets – respond to all types of functional needs. Finally, discrete yet very ultra-useful, step-marker lights with latest-generation LED diffusers are placed strategically, accompanying guests along paths to safety that light up only in the event of a blackout.

Eikon Evo controls also ensure perfect energy control, and are therefore able to set just the right degree of lighting, further enhancing the charming features of this building. Like the incredible archaeological park the relais restaurant is set in. Testimonial to the ancient history that can pervades the harmony of this location, blending the charm of the past with the beauty of modern, contemporary design. A design which is also the hallmark of the Vimar devices.

At the San Lorenzo, everything is designed to offer guests a stay they will not forget, set in one of Italy's most beautiful historical centres and accompanied by the exclusive charm of Eikon Evo, an authentic guest of honour.

Relais San Lorenzo esterno
Relais san lorenzo esterno
Relais san lorenzo bagno con Eikon Evo
Relais san lorenzo dettaglio presa Vimar fonte
Relais san lorenzo spa dettaglio Vimar
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo e testiera letto
Relais san lorenzo spa interno
Relais san lorenzo spa con presa Vimar
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo e parco archeologico
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo e camera
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo e ristorante
Relais san lorenzo cantina
Relais San Lorenzo Parco archeologico
Relais san lorenzo esterno
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo
Relais san lorenzo eiklon evo e testiera letto
Relais san lorenzo dettaglio vimar propspettiva
Relais san lorenzo ingresso
Relais san lorenzo hall
Relais san lorenzo cortile interno
Relais san lorenzo veduta camera
Relais san lorenzo suite
Relais san lorenzo eikon evo e sfondo camera
Relais san lorenzo bagno prospettiva

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