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Where beauty takes shape

Formerly a country home and subsequently the summer home of a middle class family from Milan, today this old typical Romagna-style house is the recently renovated home of a young manager and his family.
The uniqueness of this place is due to several factors: The first is the location. Completely immersed in the green countryside yet only a few minutes drive from the sea, the villa allows its tenants to enjoy the tranquillity of the country while benefiting from the proximity to the coast. A real treasure, which the young landlady and her three daughters thoroughly enjoy, spending pleasant days at the beach together with old friends.

Another unique factor is the way the history of the building has been maintained. Both from the point of view of the actual structure and of the furnishings that are in fact clear references and links to the past. Just follow the driveway and you find yourself before a large porch with clearly visible antique agricultural instruments hanging on the walls, and then there are the preserved sections of the original wood flooring and beams.
A residence that never ceases to amaze. Inside, in fact, the décor is completely thought out by the owner, who has created an environment that truly reflects his personality. From the furniture to the lamps, from the fabrics to the special materials used, everything has been chosen by a person who clearly who wants the best for himself and his loved ones.

On the recommendation of the trusted systems installer, now a good friend, the young manager chose the By-me home automation system Vimar for the management of his house, aware that it was the best solution. By-me – in its integrated and intelligent management of all the installed devices – in this environment demonstrates the amazing possibilities offered by a technology that is able to combine simplicity and innovation to improve the quality of domestic life.
And if it is true that every aspect was designed to offer the best from every perspective, the Eikon Evo series devices were an essential inclusion with their capacity to transform the management of spaces into a unique, enjoyable and easy experience.

Located next to the entrance door, for example, is an elegant Full Flat touch video screen with a 4.3" display on a black-diamond coloured crystal plaque, which enables for the 360° monitoring of the entire dwelling. Equipped with a wide screen with touch technology, as well as overseeing all the internal operations, this device also functions as a video door phone which allows occupants to greet guests in a wonderful fashion. Moreover, via the video touch, the By-me technology allows control of the lighting throughout the home for each room as well as for the beautiful garden outside, or setting the desired temperature for each area, activating the external sprinklers, choosing different music for each area, or calling up preset scenarios and events. As you can see, there are so many possibilities offered by the Vimar technology. And is does not stop there.
Both the kitchen and the upper floor have two Multimedia 10" video touch screens installed. Differentiated by colour – the one in the kitchen is framed by a white-diamond coloured crystal plaque while the one in the sleeping area is in the black variant – these devices are spectacular from every point of view. Equipped with an ultra-flat screen and high resolutions, the Multimedia video touch screen provides a perfect picture of everything that is going on inside and outside the building.
Thanks to its web interface via LAN, the whole family can take advantage of internet services like web radio, weather forecasts and access news headlines published on the internet. Also, the integration with the Web Server allows the device to control the entire By-me home automation system through the simple surveillance menu pages. Everything can be controlled from a single point – even remotely via the internet – including the various areas of the house and their corresponding preset scenarios, control of the automation system, set lighting intensities and adjust the temperature of the house. For truly incredible comfort.

In addition to being a technological evolution, Eikon Evo is also a tribute to the beauty of forms. Thanks to the richness of its materials and the precious finishes, the plaques indeed possess a charm like no other.
Charming, refined and exclusive, the Vimar home series in this case was chosen in different variations, so as to integrate seamlessly with each environment. In the kitchen and in the living area, the plaques for the home automation switches and controls were chosen in including Walnut which, thanks to their unique natural qualities, radiate vitality and convey a feeling of peace and warmth. For the two bathrooms on the ground floor, two other variants were chosen: natural split slate plaques which combine well with the dark marble of the main bathroom, thanks to its strong look, and crystal plaques in an opal brown colour, perfect in their light purity, combined with the Portuguese pink marble that covers the walls of the bathroom.
In the study, on the other hand, which is dominated by the strong tones of the wood furnishings, the plaques for the switches, automation controls, HDMI sockets and the Docking Station are in anodised aluminium with the light Grigio (grey) Next colouring for contrast.
The black diamond crystal plaques were then placed along the royal yellow marble staircase that leads to the upper floor. Here, in the large TV room, the refined and noble anodized aluminium Eikon Evo in bright gold works wonderfully with the similarly coloured walls.
Finally, each of the four bedrooms customized with a different plaque theme: Crystal Aqua, crystal Diamond White, Aluminium Grey Next and Aluminium coated in Bright Gold perfectly match the different shades of the walls, gently contrasting their backgrounds with their ultra thin profiles which protrudes a few millimetres from the wall.
To top it off, the 4.3" touch screens were installed above the bedside tables so that lighting, temperature, audio and control of the shutters can be managed while comfortably lying down, without having to get out of bed. In fact, Vimar home automation allows centralised administration of the system, rendering all spaces extremely easy to control.

The journey in this truly unique residence ends where it began, under the large porch that overlooks a park of 2,500 square meters. Here, lit by lamps dressed in clay, a massive wooden table five meters long always welcomes the many guests who enjoy the comfort of the beautiful garden. And in the same garden different lights create a fascinating play of light, along with the melody that emanates from the installation of the outdoor sound system, controlled by an exceptional conductor: the Vimar By-me home automation system.


Home automation system: By-me
Home series: Eikon Evo
Electrical system installation: Gabrielli Impianti, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

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