Vimar multispace adaptors

Two new powerful, functional solutions

Designed to offer high performances and practical advantages in the home environment, the new Vimar adaptors stand out for their innovative solutions and because they are the only ones on the market with a triple universal socket outlet. There are two models available, both made of shatterproof technopolymer with a shiny dustproof finish: one with 16A German/French standard plug and the other with 16A staggered plug and S17 standard Italian plug.

Adattatore elettrico universale Vimar Verticale RI00315.B
S17+3 vertical staggered electrical adaptor

2P+T 16 A standard Italian S17 type plug
three 2P+T 16 A socket outlets

Adattatore elettrico universale Vimar Verticale RI00316.B
S31+3 vertical electrical adaptor

2P+T 16 A combined French/German standard plug
three 2P+T 16 A socket outlets

Ideal in the bathroom and laundry room, but also in the kitchen

Thanks to the two different types of plug and the three universal socket outlets they feature, the new Vimar adaptors are ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom/laundry room where the need to connect several home appliances simultaneously often arises, also with a German plug (max 1500 W).

Adattatore multiplo Vimar per cucina, bagno, elettrodomestici

Their unique staggered structure and vertical plugs enable you to leave the other services of the electricity point free and to simultaneously connect from one to three different elements, while the slim profiles reduce the volume behind the furniture, even when “schuko”-type plugs are connected. Like all the other Vimar plugs, those of the new adapters are also fitted with the SICURY protective shutter, which prevents accidental contact with the live parts of sockets.

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