Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, Morocco



This luxury resort lies just 10 minutes by car from the tourist port of Smir. Accommodation at the Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay comes in the form of a range of private villas offering five-star comfort.

In all the villas - each with its own private pool, and some with direct access to the beach - the choice was made to install the Eikon series to ensure impeccable energy control, while adding an extra touch of elegance to the interiors. In the Classic version with matt anthracite metal finish, Eikon perfectly frames all the control devices and sockets, chosen in sophisticated Next grey.

It is surprising to see how at this splendid resort everything has been studied right down to the finest detail, including the management and monitoring of spaces using the By-me home automation system.

With a technology that is as sophisticated as it is simple to use, with intuitive interfaces, By-me ensures the coordinated control and supervision of all the functions in every villa.

Each of the 92 suites in the resort therefore offers an oasis of well-being, where lighting and climate can be mixed by the guests as they desire, to create just the right atmosphere and enjoy their holiday to the full in comfort and style.



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