Eikon Exé with Flat KNX controls

From the essentiality that characterizes Eikon Exé the brand new Flat control is born, available also with By-me Plus and KNX standards. Flat controls for Eikon Exé lend interior design projects an even more distinctive exclusiveness, in accordance with the latest stylistic trends focused on linear forms.

Smart home controls with KNX standard

Planar and square-shaped controls create a pleasant flush-mounting effect, to emphasize the textured appeal of the cover plate. With their matt White, Anthracite Grey, brushed Nickel, Brushed Dark Bronze and Gold finishes, an elegant Total Look can be achieved according with the latest stylistic trends, such as simple silhouettes and clean-cut, elementary geometries.
Provided with personalized RGB backlighting, controls can be elegantly laser-engraved with icons and pictograms to identify all diverse functions.


For professionals it is available the download of ETS Databank of Vimar products.

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Databank ETS Vimar Company
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