The design for Venissa Wine Resort wins the KNX Italia Award

On 10 November, during the seventh edition of KNX DAY Italia an award ceremony was held at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, with a view to acknowledging the top KNX designs. The winners were outstanding designs that excelled for their high level of innovation and excellent manufacturing.

There were five categories in total: energy efficiency, social, national, public administration and hospitality structures. The top prize in the last category went to the design of the Venissa Wine Resort.

This is defined as a diffused hotel, which means a set of structures located near one another and characterised by a centralised management. In this category, only cutting edge technological systems, such as KNX solutions “transported” on IP backbones, can fulfil complex requirements like these. In short, they must ensure an extremely high level of infrastructure quality and functionality, improve the comfort and security of guests and promote simpler, more comfortable centralised supervision and maintenance methods. No mean feat.

Designed to offer an authentic experience in contact with the traditions and beauties of its native Venice, the diffused residences of Venissa are therefore a hub of history, charm and technology in one of the most magnificent locations in the world: the island of Burano

And it is here - in what were once the town’s characteristic colourful houses, home to lace-makers and fishermen - that the Vimar technology, extremely sophisticated but easy to use, was installed to further enhance the comfort experienced by its guests.

Whereas the control devices were used to fulfil any requirements the customer might have inside the room, instead the hotel management system Well-contact Plus - indeed developed on KNX standard - was used to centralise the control of the structure. The check-in and check-out procedures in the residences, notifying the presence of guests, technical or emergency alarms to indicate any breakdowns of the electrical devices and requests for intervention on the part of the customer; the condition of the lights and the temperature: everything can be programmed and supervised from a single point. And in these residences, a touch of exclusive elegance is also provided by the beauty of the Eikon Evo series, which sets the scene for all the Vimar devices installed.

An important award then, which testifies just how effectively the Vimar solutions – part of the KNX Italia association for some time now – satisfy a well-defined set of criteria: a range of products and systems that combine fine aesthetics, reliability and advanced

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