Is it possible to arm the SAI alarm with the Transponder Reader of the Access Control System (part no. 14470/16470/20470)?

Yes, but first the transponder keys need to be associated to the reader by following the Access Control instructions provided with the packaging, then configure the Reader in the SAI control unit, and finally the keys need to be reconfigured again in the control unit menu (which shows among the types of keys that can be configured, those that are for the Access Control readers). Please note that you initially have to pass one transponder key over the reader 4 times to start the configuration process described in the Control Access instructions, and this same key CANNOT be configured in the SAI. Even for this type of reader the SAI can have Master-Keys (or SAI-Keys) and a maximum of 4 Slave-Keys (or Special-Keys). Under normal operation, if you are using the Slave-Key to arm the alarm system from this type of reader, you must first hold the configuration key for 1 s and then pass the transponder key; whereas disarming only requires passing Slave-Key. For Master-Keys (or normal keys) it is not necessary to press this button to arm the SAI system.