New TAB video door entry unit with 4.3" display

Tab revolutionises the video door entry world, interpreting precise technological and design standards. An elegant design in two colour variants; modern and simple to combine; ultra-thin thickness to complete any space, capacitive keypad and above all a new 4.3" display, even bigger than the precious versions. This is TAB: a real concentration of all-Italian elegance and technology.

Just 2.6 cm thick, this video door entry unit has essential, elegant lines that highlight the flat profile, also thanks to the special fixing bracket that rests easily on the wall. Severe but not square, minimal but not harsh, the truly unique design of TAB is enhanced by the special "glass effect" with its intriguing transparent themes.

Available in both white and black to complement even the most demanding interior design trends, TAB has a colour display and an innovative keypad featuring capacitive technology that means the various commands can be activated simply by touching the soft action buttons, which are backlit with LEDs. TAB is the first video door entry unit with buttons and controls flush with the surface. No thicknesses, in line with the minimal design of the whole appliance. 8 functions, 4 basic and 4 programmable for intercom calls and auxiliary services.

In addition to the four standard functions - self-start, rolling blind opening, stair light activation and bell muting - a further four auxiliary functions can be managed, such as intercom calls, the opening of other passages, the activation of other lights or the activation of access control automations. Eight different options to offer guests a warm welcome and manage access to the home in a simple, intuitive manner.

The TAB video door entry system is able to communicate with hearing aids, thanks to a special device. Flexible and dynamic, the TAB series devices are able to satisfy every use and installation need. They also come with a 3.5" display version - with both handset and TAB Free speakerphone - as well as the TAB jr. audio door entry unit.

They are also all developed on the Due Fili Plus technology, used to create systems of up to 484 outdoor units, 6,400 indoor units and 128 reception switchboards covering a distance of up to 1200 metres.

Tab pollici bianco
Tab pollici nero
Tab pollici bianco nero

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