Programming switchboards: How are the quick-dial numbers programmed?

The quick-dial numbers are programmed as follows:
From extension 41 enter the sequence 98 1234 nn yyyyyyyyyy....R.
nn = The numbers starting with 00 and running to 39.
These quick-dial numbers must begin with the number 3. So in the table of quick-dial numbers, for 00 in reality you have to key in the number 300, with the quick-dial number 01 the number 301, with 02 the number 302, etc.
yyyyyyyy = The telephone number that is to be called with the given quick-dial number.
The quick-dial numbers set in 36, 37, 38 and 39 are also used for the "Hot Line" service. The quick-dial number 30 is also used for the "Message present warning" or "External call transfer" service.