Programming switchboards: How can be interphone or telephone call be disabled?

The code 80 R must be keyed into the relevant telephone. A voice message saying "ringtone deactivated" is heard, indicating that all the ringtones have been deactivated. To restore the ringtone of urban line 1 key the code 81 R into the telephone; to restore the ringtone of urban line 2 key in 82 R; to restore both ringtones, key in 83 R; to restore the ringtone of the interphone call key in 84 R.

For extension number 41 only it is necessary to include initially different programming so as to be able subsequently to program 80R, 81R, 82R, 83R and 84R.

This programming which applies only to extension 41 is the following:
98 1234 * 4 0189 002 R