Programming switchboards: How is the switchboard programmed for changing recognition of calibrated opening?

This programming enables the switchboard to recognise key R present on telephones of different makes and needs to be carried out if the telephone switchboard performs no command or breaks off audio communication when key R is pressed.
Calibrated opening recognition is changed by programming on the switchboard the function:
98 1234 9x extension no. without 4 R
9x = Selects the time (depends on telephone model). The programming codes 97 or 98 modify calibrated opening recognition.
Code 97 is normally entered for fixed telephones, code 98 for cordless telephones.
97 = change to 50 - 160 ms
98 = change to 80 - 800 ms
Both settings can be programmed to extend recognition to the range
50 - 800 ms (98 1234 97 d R 98 d R).
A number of telephones can be programmed in sequence, e.g.: 98 1234 98 or 97 41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48 R.
extension no. without 4 = the extension number such as 42 must be programmed without the initial number 4, i.e. entering only the number 2.