Quality has so many nuances

Product quality has always been our core business. And Customer satisfaction our aim.


Quality has always been our core business.  Every product, from the simplest plug to the most complex home automation system, is tested before leaving the factory.  Not by sampling, as required by the standards, but one by one, as required by our attention to the safety of all the users of our products:  a fundamental concern for those who, as we, work in the field of electricity.


To reach primary objectives such as Customer satisfaction, safety and respect for workers and the environment, the company uses a quality management system according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and an environmental management system, according to the international standard EN ISO 14001:2015.


But our attention is turned not only to products and processes, our human assets have strategic importance too.  They are the subject of our work environment health and safety management system, certified ISO 45001:2018.

CSQ 9001 Quality Management System1.052 kB30/11/2020
IQNET 9001 Quality Management System1.061 kB30/11/2020
Allegati 9001 Quality Management System1.165 kB30/11/2020
CSQ 14001 Environmental Management System1.055 kB30/11/2020
IQNET 14001 Environmental Management System1.078 kB30/11/2020
Allegati 14001 Environmental Management System916 kB30/11/2020
CSQ 45001 Health and Safety Management System1.758 kB23/12/2020
IQNET 45001 Health and Safety Management System1.903 kB23/12/2020
Allegati 45001 Health and Safety Management System10.071 kB23/12/2020
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