Multi-building hotel, Matera


Plana welcomes you to Matera, European capital of culture 2019

A magical city with inimitable architecture, not to mention Unesco World Heritage status, Matera possesses a very special harmony that is the result of a unique blend of old and new.

Here - in the heart of the ancient Sassi districts, the original urban heart of the city - a number of structures dating back to the 17th century have been restored and repurposed as the new spaces of a multi-building hotel, Corte San Pietro.

What were once ancient dwellings dug into the rock, have thus now become highly refined hotel rooms looking onto a central courtyard which, thanks to painstaking restoration of the original paving stones - the so-called “chiancarelle” - has been restored to its original splendour. In the evenings, lit by candlelight, the courtyard becomes an enchanting, intimate space with an almost magical quality. 

This project by Daniela Amoroso, a young Matera-born architect, successfully brings together historical places imbued with a seductive charm, with the harmony, exactitude and comfort of the most refined hospitality enhanced by sophisticated, timeless design elements.

Precisely like the Plana series, chosen to allow guests and staff to enjoy flawless control of electricity and lighting. With its minimalist design and exquisite attention to detail, Plana fits naturally and seamlessly into the various spaces of the hotel, managing and distributing energy without waste thanks to smart technology with intuitive controls for management of lights, temperature, comfort and security devices. With Plana, energy management at Corte San Pietro goes hand in hand with unmistakably Italian minimalism.

Buttons, controls and cover plates - which act as a frame - are all white in colour to blend beautifully with the rooms, which are strictly mono-chromatic with a natural colour palette ranging from the beige hues of the stone to the brown of the wood and weathered iron.

Here, in a constant endeavour to link the internal spaces with the surrounding landscape, the project combines local stone, wood and iron in varying proportions in each of the rooms, reflecting a linear, understated design scheme. Simple elements, usually associated with a rustic style, take on a light, modern feel.

Tuff stone archways lead into the rooms which are intimate, cosy spaces characterised by alcoves and niches housing various elements in stone. The beautifully appointed rooms have restored antique furniture and traditional reclaimed objets. Nature is thus incorporated in each room through various furnishing elements: antique chests in chestnut wood fashioned into doors, shelves or tables; old wooden chairs serving as towel rails and cross-sections of old tree trunks turned into seats or bedside tables.

Below the rooms are eight ancient underground water cisterns, spaces characterised by a typical bell-shaped design, which testify to the ancient water supply system, an excellent example of sustainable development.

Lastly, the care and attention that hotel staff devote to welcoming guests and ensuring they feel at home, facilitated by the smart technology of Vimar products, is another unique feature of any stay at Corte San Pietro.

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