What is a By-me control unit Event?

It an operation handled by the control unit that simultaneously sends one or two commands over the BUS (one for each output event) addressed to a relay assembly, the activation of a scenario, or the activation of the SAI burglar alarm system (if present). The two outputs can be of different types (for example, a group and a scenario). These commands are sent from the control unit, following the occurrence of certain situations that you control, along the BUS, involving 1 or 2 monitored events (called the Event Inputs) - for example, the activation of a scenario and a SAI burglar alarm if present. The two input conditions that trigger command outputs from the control unit can be associated with AND or OR conditions. In addition, there is the possibility of limiting the control unit reaction to these 1 or 2 inputs to time slots during the week. Finally, you can set it so the control unit does not wait for the fulfilment of the 1 or 2 input conditions, but autonomously activates the outputs at certain times of the days of the week, or according to repetitive cycle timing.