What is the procedure for a system with more than one By-me control panel set up for Burglar alarm system and Automation ?

First, only 1 By-me control panel will be able to manage and configure the Burglar alarm system devices (the initialization will be set with Area 00 and Line 00 addresses); then the other control panels will be connected to other Bus lines with at least one 01401 power supply separated from the other lines by 01845 Routers. At the initialization for each control panel, an Area/Line address different from the others must be set ( Area 00 Line 00 the one if any, that manages the SAI,and the other 7 can be for example initialized in Area 01 Line 00, Area 01 Line 02, Area 03 Line a05, etc.) . Each control panel can configure and manage devices that are also located in more than 1 Bus line (each line separated from the others with a 01845 Router, with at least one 01401 power supply and up to max. 128 connected devices), taking into account that in a line-Bus it is not possible to configure the devices on several By-me control panels, but all must belong to the configuration. When the Area and Line address of a By-me control panel is set at the initialization, on the same page it is asked to set also an Offset address: for the 1st control panel leave the proposed one, while it is compulsory to set 0x2000 for the 2nd one, 0x4000 for the 3rd one, 0x6000 for the 4th one, 0x8000 for the 5th one, 0xA000 for the 6th one, 0xC000 for the 7th one and 0xE000 for the 8th control panel ( if present).