What should I do with the 01942 if I have a By-me system with multiple control units?

In the case of the multiple control units, the BUS interface of the 01942 must be recognised and authenticated only on the control unit installed on the SAI line. In order to remotely enlist the groups installed on a second control unit (non-authenticated), from this control, it unit may be necessary to manually open the groups in question (from the Configuration > Manage router > Add group menu) on the line coupler installed on the Communicator > Line group. This is highly dependent on the type of installation and configuration of the system. In the case of multiple control units installed on different home automation lines (without SAI), you need to evaluate the most appropriate strategy for the adopted configuration. It is advisable to acquire the interface on the control unit where the majority of groups requiring remote management are configured. The communicator enlisting/configuration procedure does not require any specific additional information. NOTE: The monitor groups must be enabled on both control units.