App Mobile

Vimar By-clima

Des icônes simples et intuitives permettent de configurer, de commander et de contrôler – via périphérique audio pour le chronothermostat à encastrer 02955, via SMS pour les articles en saillie GSM 02906 et 01913 – les programmes et les modes de fonctionnement des dispositifs.

02 Vimar app by clima

Vimar By-web

Supervision à distance du système By-me domotique. Vous permet de commander des lumières LAN, Wi-Fi ou Internet, volets, l'automatisation, l'éclairage et sonorisation.

03 Vimar app by web

Vimar By-web KNX

Simple and intuitive icons allow you to control - from Wi-Fi when you're at home or through Internet when you are away - lights, shutters, automation and lighting; to check the electrical loads status. At any time you can also check the status of the devices installed. Through By-web KNX the dialogue with your home is even more advanced.

04 Vimar app by web knx

Vimar By-phone

La gestion du système By-me la domotique et l'ClimaPhone thermostat. Vous pouvez contrôler les lumières, les stores, la température, des scénarios et système d'alarme dans votre maison.

05 Vimar app by phone

Vimar By-door

Allows you to transfer the audio / video call from the Due Fili Plus plate to a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), connected via wifi to the local network where are installed the Multimedia Video Touch 10" IP (art.21553.1) and the By-me webserver (art. 01945); also allows the ignition of any Due Fili Plus or IP cameras connected to the system and the control of auxiliary functions that are already configured in the Due Fili Plus system.

06 Vimar app by door

Elvox Wi-Fi Cam by Vimar

This application is specially designed for P2P IP cameras Series. Thanks to the unique technology of P2P connection, users are able to view live videos from the IP camera, on their iOS devices, by simply entering camera’s ID and password: without complex settings on the router. H.264 video compression guarantees clear and crystal images.

07 Elvox app wi fi cam by vimar