Vimar By-me: total integration.

Located between the mountains of Lecco and the shores of Lake Como, the company Promemoria began as a family-run business recognised by the name of its founder; today, it is a consolidated point of reference in the industry, with their works exported all over the world and targeted at a high profile market. Luxury. Customization. Aesthetics. Products to feel, to see and to exhibit; details that combine centuries-old craftsmanship with the avant-garde research that is crucial to the ability to stand out and improve every day.

Inside the company, the different work places are divided between the production area on the lower level, and the offices. The meeting room is almost completely covered in leather and the corporate symbol, a rather strange frog, is printed on the centre of the table, on the chairs and near the entrance of the room. A corridor lit by lamps covered by a cotton skirt separates the landscaped roof garden from the two most interesting and characteristic areas of the company. The first is impassable and jealously guards the fabrics that will subsequently be used to cover, decorate and distinguish the products made by the brand. The second room is a kitchen showroom, adorned with an important creation by the group and now effectively utilised as a dining room and place to receive guests.

Integration is the key word that defines many aspects and spaces across different levels: integration between design and production, exhibition and use, work and breaks. Integration, in the decision to decorate the rooms with their own products, place them in everyday contexts so that they soon become familiar. In the dining room, for example, an existing or future piece can be admired and contemplated together with the client, or employees can simply experience the creation first hand. In this way, the creation of a piece, together with individual components, catalogue pictures, fabric samples or simple sketches, takes shape and becomes tangible, palpable.

And integration also involves the electrical system: the company in fact represents an example of collaboration between components and products created by different brands, but which must share the common characteristics of quality, cutting-edge sophistication and reliability.
In the management of the multiple devices of the system, the Vimar By-me home automation system plays an essential role.

The control unit is the heart of this management system and it is installed in the overall administration area of the company, where it acts as a veritable command centre from which the activities of the composite management system are developed and are controlled. From here the settings are controlled and the scenarios that allow the management of multiple functions are programmed: with a simple touch all the required lighting is switched on at the start of the work day (day scenario) and, conversely, switched off in the evening (night scenario); or, when accommodating guests in the dining room, it is possible to combine the operation of the internal blinds and activation of the television screens. The system is also tasked with managing electrical loads via a control device with automatic or manual priority cut-off settings to avoid triggering breakers on the mains supply. And finally, By-me administers the climate system, a crucial function in such a large building that also requires specific temperatures depending on the working areas: with the Vimar system: the company can set up to 40 different climate zones and, thanks to the installation of thermostats (located at the entrances to all the rooms), allows for manual or automatic settings.

Eikon, the cutting edge member of the home series, adorns the loudspeakers, thermostats and automation controls: lighting controls, on/off buttons and touch pads. The extremely refined and strong design of the Classic plaques was chosen in the finest material, black crystal, discreet yet highly impressive at the same time.

By-me is a system designed by Vimar which is able to communicate in KNX networks and thus interact with thousands of devices made by companies in compliance with this international standard in automation. The Vimar system is therefore able to communicate with Efa, a company specialising in automation and communication which offers a package dedicated to interfacing with the By-me system. In this company, the touch screens are adorned with fine shagreen and placed in different strategic points of the building, in order to have maximum control with minimum effort. Efa merges with Vivaldi: the sound system throughout the structure is managed by three-module devices with manual adjustment or directly connected to the touch screen. Vimar can respond to remote control and cell phone commands and communicate with the alarm system to ensure reliability and ease of use. This multi-directional dialogue provides additional functions, optimises the management of the system and facilitates further system implementations.

Inside this important company, therefore, Vimar allows the potential of greater integration to be realised, ensuring quality, comfort, energy saving, flexibility and ease of use. Always in a structured system which is open to constant variations and able to grow with a company symbolising the Made in Italy quality.


System design: Studio Pirovano P.I. Alberto Pirovano (LC)
System Installation: Ribo Impianti di Riva Pietro&C. Snc (LC)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon tavola ovale
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon spazio
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon promemoria
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon sedia e tavolino
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon esterno
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon scale
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon esterno struttura
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon uffici
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon ambiente tavolo
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon tavolo
Terziario azienda valmadrera eikon tavola

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