Spilja Village

In Crete, an ancient oil mill is converted into a new resort. A complex project for the recovery of this centuries-old building has resulted in the Spilja Village. And the Idea series is there, brought by Vimar Hellas. 
In the eastern part of Crete: a small and peaceful village named after the cave in which a hermit spent his life. A vocation that is continued today in a more modern and secular key.
Idea Series. A contemporary counterpoint to centuries-old wood and stone: Idea, in white on white, with Classica cover plates. And then TV-RD-SAT sockets for perfect satellite signal reception, telephone and computer connection points that put each room in contact with the world and an irreproachable trunking systems that respect the ancient structures of the oil mill.

Village spiljia creta idea piscina
Village spiljia creta idea sala pranzo
Village spiljia creta idea camera da letto
Village spiljia creta idea giardino
Village spiljia creta idea zona giorno

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