Ospedale S. Lucia Roma

The S. Lucia Foundation was inaugurated in 1960 and since 1992 has been one of 33 Scientific Therapy Institutes (IRCCS - Istituti di ricovero e Cura a Carattere), a hospital of national importance, specialized in neuromotor rehabilitation therapy. The Institute is equipped with research laboratories, and its teaching programme includes 7 specialisations for doctors, 4 level 1 degrees, and 1 specialisation in psychology. It is located in a parkland on the Via Ardeatina, just a few kilometres from the city centre. The need to upgrade the facility to modern organizational, technological, structural and quality requirements, has led to the creation of a new hospital next door to the old building, which now houses residential patients. The next step will be to refurbish the old building and integrate it functionally in the new one.

The client, under the directorship of Francesco Mezzanotte, the technical director, opted for the Plana series. With the aim of optimizing the quality of residential care and its associated services, the following have been installed: The sound and data transmission system uses socket outlets which enable the patients to communicate directly with the exterior by telephone and internet, and the staff have direct access to the hospital clinical databases. Sound and audiovisuals: The bed heads are equipped with TV and signal connectors for hooking up TV and radios for each patient, each equipped with personal headphones. The CCTV system, in the rehabilitation areas, enable the staff to record and monitor the progress made by each patient. This requires the use of a wide range of Plana devices depending on the specific needs of the various facilities offered by the hospital. 

Sanita ospedale santa lucia roma arke ambiente esterno
Sanita ospedale santa lucia roma arke spazio
Sanita ospedale santa lucia roma arke particolare muro placche
Sanita ospedale santa lucia roma arke attrezzi

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