Forbidden dreams

Relaxed, without a care in the world... on the foredeck, with the enveloping and reassuring throb of a couple of thousand Hp in your ears, sipping a long drink with your friends, slipping through the calm waters at thirty knots, one might be tempted to think that this is all perfectly natural and normal, and that yachting has always been this way, since its very inception. But the complexity of this very relaxing, comfortable scenario is something that usually goes unremarked by cruise clients or people on shore watching a Ferretti yacht glide past, the Ferrari of the yachting world. Visiting the Ferretti Yards is always a pleasure, to see how human warmth, generosity, design skills and above all the human factor combines with cutting edge technology, indeed, comes before the machine, however sophisticated it may be, because it is man who thinks, dreams, sets himself targets and achieves wonders. 

In the world scenario of yachting, Ferretti has chosen a very special production and sales strategy: to be the company which, of all motor yacht builders, provides the most technologically advanced and luxurious solutions. This requires a professionalism which is so refined and aware of innovation that it can attract a clientele which numbers a few thousands around the world; and which is as demanding as it is select.

The first of this new breed was a 24.55 metre yacht of 57 tons, with a roster of up to 24 people. The first such yacht was presented at the Genoa fair in 1998, and it was just the first in a new generation of motoryachts. The gateway to a new dimension: the glamorous world of the megayacht is now a reality, launched and sailing on the seven seas. But a quick look at the innovations of these models, from the very first of the Custom Line megayachts, makes it plain that it isn't just a matter of length.

 They are all equipped with a RPH (Raised Pilothouse), in other words an additional half bridge, between the bridge proper and the fly: this enables the designer to provide an isolated area, in which is housed the tiller, thus enabling the pilot to be completely undisturbed.

All yachts and motoryachts produced by Cantieri Navali Ferretti are equipped with grey devices and customized Classica cover plates from the Vimar Idea product series. Contrary to what one might suppose, yachts have a very complex and sophisticated electrical system: hundreds of electrical functions, most of them very low voltage, are fitted into just a few square metres, to provide the wellbeing and comfort of a villa to all cabins. The furnishers have chosen grey devices with die-cast metal slate blue cover plates, matt finish to fit perfectly into the nautical context and match the other materials and finishing used on the yachts. 

Laser engravings, precise and indelible, give the final touch of prestige to the installations. 

Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea laterale
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea particolare placche
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea particolare bagno
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea camera da letto
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea panoramica
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea zona pranzo
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea panoramica
Yacht ferretti sogni proibiti idea zona giorno

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