University of Rovigo

The University of Padua, one of the oldest in Europe, has opened a new decentralized office in Rovigo, fully computerised and networked with the central office.
Lessons via videoconference with the main site, computerised libraries, internet stations: teaching at the university is renewed and the knowledge of an ancient university circulates more freely.

Inside there is Netsafe, the dedicated system by Vimar for structured cabling which supports copper and fibre optic networks in categories 5 and 6. Netsafe also integrates seamlessly with traditional electrical systems, allowing a high degree of versatility during installation and coordinates well with the Vimar home series with respect to aesthetics.

All the system terminals in the structure are decorated with the Idea series, precisely to ensure coordinated aesthetics and to enhance the more detailed aspects of the environments.


Structured cabling system: Netsafe
Serie: Idea

Terziario universit rovigo idea biblioteca
Terziario universit rovigo idea struttura esterna
Terziario universit rovigo idea sala informatica
Terziario universit rovigo idea ingresso sala
Terziario universit rovigo idea cablaggio

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