Even though the App settings are correct and the GSM module is on, I can’t control the By-alarm system from the By-phone App.

If the parameters entered in the App are corrected check the state of the “telephone number recognition” parameter; if enabled, this allows the control panel to be managed only by stored numbers.

The parameter is visible from the By-alarm Manager software in the section “Dialler > General parameters > Caller
recognition (GSM)” or from keypad 01705 in the menu “Telephone > Teleph. parameters > Number recognition”.

To manage the control panel remotely via text message you must also enable the parameter “Active for RFSMS” which can be found for each used in the menu Code > User

If the parameter is enabled, enter the telephone numbers authorised to communicate with the control panel in the menu. If you do not want to set this type of control, set the indicated parameter to “NO”.