Energia positiva. Insieme

Vimar Energia Positiva Insieme bambino

Finding new spirit, wonder and determination:with  humility and kindness.

We have to open together our minds and adapt them for change, to direct ourselves to the positive construction of a common fabric. Participating in the rebirth of a positive living  transformation.
For 75 years we have been in the homes and buildings of Italians and of the world. Our control systems, interfaces and switches are a gentle support in everyday life. A positive sign of our exsistence.

Discover our Italian positive energy

Vimar Energia Positiva Insieme Donna

Our systems will be tied to people’s lives: open, free and full of positive vital light.

An intelligent and widespread interface connects us to infrastructures and therefore to the lives of others, ot the relations, with vigour. It is a device for planning the beauty of our future everyday living.

Our worldwide projects together

Vimar Energia Positiva Insieme Installatore

We are digitally organised to have a direct line with you:
we have boosted the opportunities to attend courses in live streaming and will continue to keep you apprised of new products. What’s more, our digital library is available at all times: it is complete and easy to consult, to support you in your projects.

Vimar Energia Positiva Insieme Comando