Hotel Palazzo Grillo, Genoa


Just think what a unique experience it is, to stay in a historic mid-16th century palace, restored to its former glory and equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum comfort: Palazzo Grillo, a magnificent residence in the historic heart of Genoa, offers you all this.

The only 4 star hotel that occupies an entire aristocratic palace which since its construction was included in the city Rolli (the 16th century list of buildings entitled to host high-ranking dignitaries on State visits to Genoa, all now part of the UNESCO world heritage list), Palazzo Grillo has been revived through public/private collaboration. The whole building has been renovated for hotel use by Arte, a company run by the Liguria Region, and offered to private management by public tender.

The meticulous renovation project was planned and implemented by the Pinna Viardo architectural studio. This not only brought new life to the interior spaces, it also superbly restored the ancient splendour of the pictorial cycles and architectural ornaments by the famous painter GioBattista Castello, known as Il Bergamasco.

Palazzo Grillo has become home to a superb integration between awesome history and latest-generation technology. The building has been fully equipped with the Vimar Well-contact Plus hotel management system, which provides centralised control of all interior spaces. Developed on the international KNX standard, Well-contact Plus allows hotels to perform check-ins and check-outs with guests inside their rooms or in public areas, to programme guest cards, view the status of the room (guest in room, do not disturb, room to be cleaned and so on), receive technical or emergency warnings that indicate possible electrical device failures and requests for intervention by guests: all from one PC in reception, acting as the operational control room.

It is then enough to bring the card closer to the card reader unit outside your room to open its electric lock. Inside, once the card is inserted in the reader slot, the lights are activated, the temperature is set to the desired level and the presence of the guest is promptly signalled to reception. To ensure that your stay offers you the ultimate in comfort.

In the public areas as in the rooms - where warm pastel colours and soft understated lines predominate - access to energy and lighting controls has been entrusted to sockets and controls from the Arké series, here in the Classic version, with finishing in lava grey aluminium. The rational geometry, the linear profile and the sharp angles of this series shun decoration as an end in itself, defining a new model of energy while impeccably integrated with the context.

In every way, Arké fits perfectly with the furnishing and the interiors, conceived to meet the needs of the traveller who experiences the hotel as an extension of their domestic space and their work environment. Hotel Palazzo Grillo, in fact, contains predominantly modern furnishings by various international brands, chosen for their essential and informally welcoming style. Furnishing that stands out for its innovative materials, the search for functional solutions and a timeless design. Just like Arké.

Hidden among vaulted ceilings, frescoes, little sitting rooms, slate portals and traditional floors in 16th century terracotta, Arké ensures impeccable electricity management thanks to ergonomic controls and silent mechanisms. The sockets and data sockets, discreetly located at strategic points, allow guests to satisfy all their functional needs.

In these spaces, where the furnishings express a pure and simple style, blending modern design with vintage touches that enhance its beauty, Arké serves as a quiet witness to sophisticated refinement. Just like the new concept of Palazzo Grillo.


Architectural project: Pinna Viardo Architetti, Genoa

System installation:  Cresta Impresa Edile – Elettroimpianti, Genoa

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