Open voice telephone entrance panels: General characteristics

Open voice telephone entrance panels are analogue telephones installed inside panels used normally for audio or video door entry systems. All the entrance panel models have LEDs under the transparent glass, for displaying the telephone panel engaged/free and programming status. The panels are self-powered from the telephone line and can be connected to a switchboard or the PSTN (analogue) telephone network by means of a telephonic pair.

All models of entrance panels can be programmed locally or remotely by sending DTMF codes.

After programming the telephone number on the corresponding key, calls are made by pressing the same key. A maximum of 5 keys can be used for programming telephone numbers. Dialling is in multi-frequency and the max. length of each stored telephone number is 32 digits. Two telephone numbers can be programmed on each key, selectable according to the set profile. There can be 3 set profiles, characterised as: profile 1 memorisation of first telephone number, profile 2 memorisation pf second telephone number, profile 3 selection of call routing to first profile and if it is engaged routing of call by dialling the number memorised in the second profile. The profiles can be both programmed and activated from a remote telephone. The panels are equipped with 2 micro relays with a maximum capacity of 1 A - 30 V usable for services such as "door lock release" and "automatic gate opening", which can be activated by either a local or remote telephone. The series 80T5 entrance panel is equipped with a numerical keypad for making standard telephone calls.