What are "MASTER-Keys" and "SLAVE-Keys", and what are the Special-Keys "AI Master" and "AI-Slave"?

Master-Keys are configured on a single activator and the control unit then allows it to work on all the Activator units/Transponder Readers in the system, while the Slave-Keys only work with the Activators/Transponder Readers they are associated with (which can be more than 1 Activator/Reader). Each activator/reader can store up to 4 Special Keys, while the whole SAI system can be configured with a maximum of 24 Master Keys. The Special-Keys "AI Master" and "AI Slave" are the equivalent of SAI Keys and Slave Keys, with the difference being that they have been configured in Transponder Readers for Access Control (part no. 14470/16470/20470).