When I try to activate the partitions associated with my activator or my special key or my RF interface, I can't get the partition to work.

Make sure that the zone relative to the activator or special key or RF interface is inserted in one of the associated partitions (if there is only one, then it must of course contain the zone with the input device). Example 1: If activator A is inserted in zone 7 and you want it to activate the "kitchen" partition, then zone 7 must be included in "kitchen" partition. Example 2: If the activator is inserted in zone 7 and you want it activate the "kitchen", "living room" and "bathroom", then zone 7 must be in one of the above partitions. ATTENTION: THIS RESTRICTION IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR THE ACTIVATION OF PARTITIONS THROUGH THE KEYPAD CODES (IT IS SUFFICIENT FOR THE DEVICE TO PERTAIN TO ANY PARTITION) AND FOR ACTIVATION VIA THE CONTROL UNIT BECAUSE, OF COURSE, THE CONTROL UNIT DOES NOT PERTAIN TO ANY ZONE AND CONSEQUENTLY ANY PARTITION.