GSM phone dialler - 01941


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GSM phone dialler
GSM phone dialler, 2 output and 2 digital input channels, connection to the communication interface, voice synthesis, SMS sending and receiving, supply voltage 120-230 V~ 50-60 Hz, for DIN (60715 TH35) rail installation, occupies 9 17,5 mm modules

9 - Discontinued

问题: Does the 01941 GSM communicator have backup power in the event of a power failure?
回答: Yes, the communicator is equipped with 3 AA batteries that allow you to manage remote communication for about 24 hours (see situation type). It is advisable to use the same type of batteries but with higher capacity (2400 mAh) for the Clima-phone system.
问题: When should I use the bidirectional system rather than the unidirectional system?
回答: In case you want to monitor the status of the system (via the 01941 GSM dialler) and manage the 01910 timer-thermostat via phone (SMS or voice menu).




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