Due Fili intercom monitor, white - 6711


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Due Fili intercom monitor, white
Two-channel surface mounting monitor for Due Fili system with 3.5 in TFT LCD colour screen, no pan-tilt movement, equipped with 6 additional programmable buttons, in addition to the 8 standard ones, for intercom calls or auxiliary services, supplied with fixing bracket, white. Dimensions: 141x139x40 mm

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问题: For the 6600 Series, how do I configure an ˝intercom˝ call with the Due Fili 6611 and 6711 intercoms and video intercoms?
回答: To configure an ˝intercom˝ call, just follow the following steps: - Simultaneously press and hold the SPEAK/LISTEN (˝speaker˝ system) and AUTOSTART (˝square˝ symbol) - wait for the red LED to turn on and start flashing - release the SPEAK/LISTEN and AUTOSTART buttons - press and hold the CALL (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) buttons that you wish to program for intercom calls - wait for the “chime” and then release the CALL button - you have 30 seconds to press the LOCK button (˝key symbol˝) on the intercom or video intercom that you want to associate with the call button you have chosen The above instructions are valid for item numbers: 6611, 6611/AU, 6711, 6711/AU




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