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By-alarm - Keypad w/display
By-alarm LED-backlit keypad with display, 12 Vdc power supply, surface mounting

4 - Active

Class group
Alarm installations, emergency call and signalling
Switchgear for intrusion detection system
Engaging electronically
Engaging mechanical
Engaging biometrical
Engaging indication
Radio system
Degree of protection (IP)
12.500 mm

00. CE Marking - EU

37. Marking - Morocco

92. RoHS UAE

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1 NR
14.4x13.1x6 [cm]
262.7 [g]
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20 NR
50.5x20x28 [cm]
5,254 [g]
问题: Where do I connect and how do I set the parameters for the siren for outdoor use art.01715 and indoor use art.20496/19496/14496?
回答: Any system sirens must be connected to the terminals +S INT (indoor siren) and +S EXT (outdoor siren) on the control panel. The siren parameters must be set in the section “Relays > Relay 1” in the By-alarm Manager software. In addition to the general parameters of “Relay 1” you must define which zones generate the relay in the event of active system unbalancing in “Activation by zone”.
问题: On keypad art.01705 the warning “Control panel tamper” appears. What do I have to check?
回答: First of all check that the two mechanical tampers (tear-proof and opening) on the control panel 01700/01703 are correctly closed. If these tampers show any faults, try to exclude them by closing using the specific jumpers S1 (Tear-proof exclusion) and/or S2 (Opening exclusion). ​​​​​​​Also remember that the “Control panel tamper” warning could also refer to a possible unbalancing on the Tamper  terminals (T, T) in the control panel and which are usually used to control the siren tampering. Therefore, check that the mechanical closing on these devices is correct.
问题: Keypad 01705 displays “See cautions” and doesn’t let me access the menu using the installer code.
回答: The event occurs when the option “conform EN 50131” is activated in the keypad parameters. In this case, to access the installer menu, first enter with the user code and subsequently with the installer code. Set the “conform EN 50131” parameter to NO if you don’t require it.
问题: Having entered the installer code on keypad 01705 I can't access the menu and the words “Code in progress” appear on the display.
回答: This situation shows that the keypad has not been paired with the control panel. Follow the device self-learning procedure indicated in the “Programming manual” in the paragraph “Guidelines for programming the control unit using the keypad”.




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