Surface battery-timer-thermostat white - 01910


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Surface battery-timer-thermostat white
Electronic timer-thermostat for ON/OFF ambient temperature control (heating and air-conditioning), daily/weekly programming, class I temperature control device (contribution 1%), change-over relay output 5(2) A 250 V~, AA LR6 1.5 V battery-powered (not supplied), surface mounting, white

  • Simple programming
  • Daily or weekly temperature programming, you can plan your desired temperature at different times of the day, for every day of the week
  • Powered by AA LR6 1.5 V batteries (not supplied ), no need for mains power supply
  • Simple design with folding cover and mouse key for basic functions
  • Rapid surface mounting with or without flush mounting box

3 - Active

Class group
Stats, switches and controllers
Room clock thermostat
Type of power supply
Max. contact voltage
250 v

00. CE Marking - EU

10. EAC Eurasian Customs Union

37. Marking - Morocco

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1 NR
15.8x10x5.1 [cm]
254 [g]
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27.6x16.9x11.1 [cm]
1,200 [g]
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47.5x27x29 [cm]
6,420 [g]
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120x80x105 [cm]
141,208 [g]
问题: Can a timer-thermostat 01910 with RF base 01930 manage an RF actuator 01923 or 01924?
回答: No, it can only manage two-way RF actuators 01933 or 01934.
问题: With 2 01910 timer-thermostats, if I choose the unidirectional RF control, which additional devices would I need?
回答: An 01921 transmitter module for each timer-thermostat and an 01924 RF actuator.
问题: Can I control a single 01923 or 01924 RF actuator with multiple 01910 timer-thermostats?
回答: No.
问题: Can I control multiple 01923 or 01924 RF actuators with an 01910 timer-thermostat?
回答: Yes.
问题: When should I use the bidirectional system rather than the unidirectional system?
回答: In case you want to monitor the status of the system (via the 01941 GSM dialler) and manage the 01910 timer-thermostat via phone (SMS or voice menu).
问题: What does the symbol that looks like an aerial lighting up underneath the time mean?
回答: The symbol indicates the presence of the radio module or the lack of the relay module.
问题: How can the product be reset?
回答: The product reset procedure takes place by prolonged pressing the ˝R” key at the bottom right of the keyboard: once the display has restarted, the product will be reset to the factory settings.
问题: What time brackets correspond to T1 T2 T3?
回答: The time bands valid for temperature levels T1, T2 and T3 are decided on during the timer-thermostat programming. Usually T1 indicates the lowest temperature, used for the hours the user is away or asleep, T2 is an intermediate temperature, whereas T3 is the comfort temperature, usually used for the hours during which the home is used.




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