GSM timer-thermostat 120-230V anthracite - 01913.14


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GSM timer-thermostat 120-230V anthracite
Electronic timer-thermostat for local or remote ON/OFF control (via SMS or dedicated app) of the ambient temperature (heating and air-conditioning) with built-in GSM phone dialler, an output channel and a digital input channel, daily/weekly programming, class I temperature control device (contribution 1%), change-over relay output 5(2) A 250 V~, 120-230 V~ power supply, surface mounting, anthracite grey

2 - Will be discontinued


Class group
Stats, switches and controllers
Room clock thermostat
Type of power supply
230 V
Max. contact voltage
250 v
90,00 mm

00. CE Marking - EU

10. EAC Eurasian Customs Union

37. Marking - Morocco

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Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
15.8x10x4.9 [cm]
323 [g]
问题: The timer-thermostat doesn’t answer the SMS messages sent despite there being sufficient credit.
回答: Perform the following checks in sequence: 1. As regards the SIM to be used in the device, we normally recommend that it has the following characteristics: a. The related operator must be chosen among the leading providers, i.e. Tim, Vodafone and Wind; b. The related SIM blocking PIN must be disabled. c. It must be set to operate solely with the 2G network (GSM); d. Its data network must be completely deactivated: indeed, the contract must be of the “Voice+SMS” type; e. Possibly with a different rate plan than a rechargeable one, to avoid running out of credit by accident. 2. Restart the product, according to the procedures set out below: - Disconnect the power from the product in question; - Remove the SIM from inside it; - Insert it in a mobile phone and delete all the SMS messages present in the memory of the SIM itself; - Re-install the SIM in the device while it remains unpowered; - Re-apply power to the product; - Send the SMS message: ˝user-code˝.C1.STATUS (e.g.: 1234.C1.STATUS) and check its operation.




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