Arktos Grecia


This is the first sailing ship entirely designed and built by hand in Greece. Its name, "Arktos" means bear in Greek and this is why an image of a bear is carved into the bow. The shipowner Mr. Panagiotis Lemos and the designer Mr. Thireos Dimitris personally followed all the phases of its creation, lasting 2 years altogether, starting from its design, continuing with the choice of the materials and finishing with the final construction. Particularly the hull, the masts and all the coverings have been selected and machined in accordance with the traditional techniques of the past.
The sailing ship, a twin-mast with 840 m2 of sails, has a total length of 46.40 m and a width of 8.40 m and it is equipped with all the most advanced electronic navigation aids. The boat, which has obtained RINA certification, can accommodate 11 people in 5 cabins, besides the 7 crew members, and it can also make ocean crossings as it is equipped with 2 engines of 600 bhp each. The whole structure and the bridges are made entirely of teak while dark maple has been used for the interiors.
Idea series. This context is perfect for the grey lighting points of the Idea series completed with the brushed nickel cover plates in the classic shape.

Nave arktos grecia idea panoramica
Nave arktos grecia idea bagno
Nave arktos grecia idea camera da letto
Nave arktos grecia idea corridoio
Nave arktos grecia idea salottino
Nave arktos grecia idea zona giorno

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