Hotel Cala di Volpe

Cala di Volpe, a sheltered bay of the greenest waters with fragrant essences of the Mediterranean whose enchanting beauty has become famous thanks to the adoration of the pioneers of the Costa Smeralda for this tiny haven. Today, Cala di Volpe is also synonymous with architectural and artistic prestige where the names of international high society resonate among the hedges and hidden villas.

The beauty of nature reigns everywhere, the sea that bathes the junipers and the blooms on the beach are a phenomenon that borders on the repetitive, were it not for the perpetual enchantment that it exercises on observers. Costa Smeralda was but a few decades ago frequented only by shepherds, fishermen, outlaws and naturalists, until its potential for development was noticed by keen-eyed jet-setters and influential figures from the world of high finance. It thus became the centre of enormous change that led to the generation in a few short years of heightened activity aimed at the creation of elite tourist accommodation, culminating in the formation of a tourist mecca that still today is a favourite amongst holiday makers. The quest for quality ensured development in harmony with the maximum possible preservation of the environment, which features the pure colours of a still wild and untamed nature and also recounts a long history documented by the imposing remains of the Palaeolithic age and from the countless traces of overlapping civilizations and cultures that persisted in the area over the centuries.

Those who designed the current aspect of Costa Smeralda began with the premise of the significance and enhancement of the natural environment, and on this they created architectural works of great value. The best examples sought to transpose the characteristic elements of the local architecture, using the materials, colours and finishes of the local tradition.

The wonderful Hotel Cala di Volpe stands like an ancient village on the incomparably turquoise coast, and is designed to make every stay an unforgettable event. Designed in 1963 by renowned architect Jacques Couelle, expanded in 1971 and completely renovated in 1966 and in 2001, it was fitted with a new modern electrical system, the installation of which was completed in the autumn of 2002.


All the devices installed come in the soft and elegant Plana series, yet again demonstrating its great versatility and successful inclusion in such a special architectural context. Cala di Volpe faces onto one of the most beautiful bays of Costa Smeralda; porches, granite floors, a covered wooden bridge, a small harbour and a pier that reaches out over the clear waters of the bay, adding to the beauty and originality of the hotel. The bedroom furniture is made ​​of natural wood complemented by fabrics in traditional Sardinian style, and most of the rooms exhibit beautiful examples of trompe-l'oeil art. The rustic pottery items are hand made and individually decorated by local artisans. In this grand hotel, divided into 129 rooms and suites, the security and comfort accessories are truly complete and the use of Plana series in all the system terminals is the finishing touch to a prestigious job.


Client: Hotel Cala di Volpe (Porto Cervo) - Starwood Hotels & Resorts
System design: Antonino Toscano and Mario Mulas - C.S.E. srl (Cagliari)
System installation: Gianni Calza - C.E.T.I.S. - Olbia
Series: Plana

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