Clinica Cittàgiardino Padova

Call-way and By-me, assistance and supervision

Opened in 2009 and situated in a prestigious residential area in the historic center of the city of Padua, the Cittàgiardino Clinic represents excellence in the field of specialised surgery and aesthetic medicine. Equipped with two operating rooms, an outpatient surgery, a laser surgery, four doctors' offices and three hospital rooms, the clinic is led by highly experienced medical specialists, beginning with Prof. Luca Siliprandi, Head and Medical Director of the facility.

From the outside, the clinic looks just like a normal residence: from the large windows which are in line with the latest housing trends to the stone walls, the building is absolutely lovely. The ground floor holds the two operating rooms and the hospital rooms; the latter with simple furnishings but equipped with large plasma televisions, a sound system and private bathrooms. On the first floor, there is the reception hall, the administration offices and the day surgeries, while the basement has many services including change rooms, the archive and a storeroom.

To manage the entire structure and facilitate the work of the support staff while ensuring the safety and comfort of patients, the Cittàgiardino clinic chose Call-way by Vimar, the communication system designed for the healthcare industry. A system was therefore installed to manage and monitor all internal calls so that the needs of the patients could be met, facilitating rapid interventions in case of emergency and allowing communication between patients and medical staff in different areas of the building.

The Vimar system consists of only two devices: a display module showing all the events going on inside the clinic, from the calls – indicating their origin and to which different priorities can be assigned – to the presence in the room of the medical staff; coupled to the display, the communication terminal implements the Call-way the functions of and allows bidirectional communication between patient and medical staff. In this facility, a phonic module has been installed in all the rooms except the bathrooms and the type of communication varies depending on where it is installed: for example, from reception or from multiple strategic points in common areas, the phonic terminal functions in "push to talk" mode, that is, pressing the button to talk and releasing it to listen. In the hospital rooms, Call-way was instead configured to allow communication by the patient from a distance, without getting out of bed: upon request for assistance sent via different devices (tail call leads or cord-operated buttons), the system automatically activates the phonic module, without the need to press and buttons on the control unit. Each call has an associated coloured light – red or white if the call originates from the bathroom – located outside the room, and a green light is also activated to indicate the presence of staff.

Overall, operating the Vimar system is simple and intuitive; the excellent results afforded ​​by Call-way within the Clinic are confirmed by the actions of the on-duty staff, who are able to respond quickly to the different requirements, and by the patients themselves, who have no problem at all using the system.

The facility is also equipped with a home automation system:  the Vimar By-me system has been installed, mainly for the control of lighting and shutters. In the reception hall, the home automation control unit is used to program different settings and scenarios which are then retrieved as needed through the latest generation three-module touch screen. On the other hand, for spaces almost exclusively used by patients, presence detectors provide the highest level of comfort by immediately signalling the passage of people to the By-me control unit, which in turn automatically turns on the lights.

Each device, from the simple control pads to the home automation control unit, is perfectly coordinated with regards to aesthetics. The Silver Plana series, with its simple but highly refined style adorning the technological system with silver buttons and controls, in combination with the polymer plaques of the same hue.

Many of the functions accessible via the Vimar devices are marked with identification tags: curtains, lights, TV, and so on: because in environments which contribute to people's health, every detail becomes a fundamental part of a single project based on quality and excellence.


System installation: Daminato Celestino s.n.c., Galliera Veneta (PD)
Care system: Call-way:
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Plana

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