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“View Approved” is a training scheme created to allow professionals (with a regular VAT number) to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to be able to install and manage integrated By-me plus and Elvox video door entry systems.

The training scheme is suitable for both new professionals who want to discover the potential of Vimar’s product range as well as those who want to stay up-to-date with all the new products and functions. The scheme consists of a series of online webinars and a final practical one-to-one session, at the end of which a certificate of attendance/participation will be provided.

Gaining the certificate also entitles you to receive a special offer coupon for the purchase of a “starter kit” to try out the skills you have acquired during the course in practice, along with a discount for your first purchase from our distributors.

You’ll also receive the following in advance:

  • invitations to take part in new webinars with exclusive updates;
  • Information about new products and new features in dedicated e-mails.
Vimar Energia Positiva Insieme Installatore Gosr2Mipoz

Here’s how you can become “View approved”:

  1. Download and watch the Vimar and Elvox “ready to play” webinars;
  2. Take part in the Vimar and Elvox “advanced” webinars;
  3. Take part in an exclusive webinar dedicated to the By-me product range, which illustrates all the characteristics and the “guide to choosing” the right products;
  4. The final step will be a practice session on a demo system remotely operated by the candidate (approximately 15 minutes long).

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