By-me Plus KNX Secure Routers


Vimar expands its range of products for Building Automation by introducing 2 new devices, which allow users to harness the best of the ease of use, installation, and programming of the By-me range in synergy with the interoperability of the standard KNX Secure protocol.

These devices find their best application in tertiary structures where it is necessary to replicate the same configuration in multiple environments, such as hotels, for example. Room functions can indeed be realized with By-me system through a simple and fast configuration, easily replicable in all other rooms requiring the same features.

The Vimar View Pro APP makes it easy to replicate the same configuration in multiple rooms, making programming streamlined and fast, resulting in significant time savings.


Once all the environments are configured, the Router By-me Plus/KNX will take care of translating all messages from the By-me system into KNX system messages and vice versa, and the ETS software will then be used to configure the integrations with other KNX devices.

This type of architecture allows, through the Well Contact Suite Software, a user-friendly and intuitive supervision of all functions of each room configured in By-me (e.g., room presence management, temperature control, lights, automations, etc.), of the common areas and of all the KNX devices configured in the system. Moreover, Well Contact Suite allows the integration with third part systems (PMS, Doorlocks systems, etc).

The By-me Plus / KNX Secure Router is available in 2 versions:


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