KNX for home and building automation

KNX products for the automation and the control of home and office

The advantages of living in a smart home are multiple. About building automation, the KNX standard is the only one recognized with global procedures of certification, following the most important European and international laws.

A device certified KNX guarantees the interoperability between different builders’ products and the management of different applications: lighting, heating up, cooling down, security system management (alarm, anti-intrusion, and video camera), and gas/electricity consumptions. All these functions can be controlled through sensors, control commands or in a centralized way through a supervisor or a smartphone.  

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KNX means high quality, as far as all products have to pass specific tests in order to guarantee the best control and energy saving.


The great advantage of the KNX system is the supervision of all functions and the centralized management of the building. To raise and lower roller shutters or curtains, set the temperature, arrange the lighting, check the accesses and to view pictures from the closed-circuit camera or the entrance panel. Everything can be controlled from a single point, like for example a touchscreen. All functions can be controlled and supervised both locally and remotely.

Remote control

The remote supervision happens thanks to the Web server that allows the management of the automation system through PC, smartphones or tablets.

For mobile devices, it is available the By-me App that enables fast access to all functionalities of the system, using the Wi-Fi connection for local control or the Internet connection for the outside control.

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Touchscreen Supervisor

The Touch screen allows the control and the management of the home automation system on standard KNX for the automation of lights, roller shutters, temperature and scenarios.

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KNX controls 4 or 6 push buttons

The range of KNX Vimar controls for Eikon, Arké, and Plana enlarges with the recent introduction of new modularities with multiple functions. The offer includes now devices with 2 modules and 3 modules in varieties without a switch, with a switch, and with a switch for roller shutter.

Versions with the switch for lights and roller shutters enable the reduction of wires in new systems and guarantee a smooth retrofit of old systems.

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Each room welcomes you with your favorite conditions. Set lights to create cozy spaces, raise or lower roller shutters to ensure the best light for your daily activities, decide the intensity of the light (standard ones or energy-saving). Everything is now possible with a simple gesture.

Gateway DALI KNX

KNX DALI gateways with 1 channel allow the connection of up to 64 devices or 8 channels for 16 lamps for each channel. Connected elements can be electronic switches, dimmer for emergency light, and so on.

The KNX bus can activate and control each element or lighting group.

Domotica KNX | Gateway DALI Vimar controllo luci

KNX touch thermostat

The thermostat is perfect for the control of the temperature at home (heating up or conditioner) with the “boost” function to activate a second source that allows the realization of the desired thermic comfort.

It manages up to 2 climate zones independently. For each zone, heating/conditioning modalities are managed according to the related temperature.


Domotica KNX | Termostato Plana Vimar


KNX Vimar system can be integrated with the By-alarm anti-intrusion system, the Elvox CCTV video surveillance, the Elvox video door entry system, and the automation system for the control of the Elvox automation access.

Moreover, it is possible to add technical alarms into the system to protect all spaces from gas or smoke leak, water leak, and so on.

Infrared motion detector KNX

The infrared detector sends a message on the KNX bus every time a motion is detected, through signaling led. The device enables the management of a motion detector even from an external source, it means from each KNX device.

Thanks to the twilight detector, it is possible to turn on and off all lights in accordance with the clarity of the space.

Domotica KNX | Rilevatore movimento infrarossi Vimar

Weather station

The weather station detects temperature, wind speed, rain, and lighting. All these values can be checked with the supervisor and are useful for the activation of specific automation in the smart system.

The station is provided with a detector with a heating up surface where only raindrops or snowflakes (so not fog or dew) are perceived as precipitations. Once the rain or the snow stops, the detector dries and the message of precipitations is deactivated.

Domotica KNX | Stazione meteo Vimar

Aesthetic coordination

Technology meets design

Vimar devices are developed with KNX standard and they are aesthetically coordinated with Eikon, Arké and Plana series.