PLANA essential, with verve

Plana, an essential and rigorous design, yet pleasing and sinuous. With Plana, simplicity becomes a lifestyle.

Simplicity as the refined choice, with Plana. Ergonomic design, easy-to-clean materials and a full range of functions. From the switch to the electronic systems, it naturally fits the rhythms of your day. With a taste for beautiful things.
Providing energy, with maximum linearity: the formal rigour of Plana is ideal to naturally enhance any environment, with the combined use of intelligent and intuitive technologies. A modern and essential design with a strong character revealed in a versatile range of colours and materials for any combination.

An essential, universal and linear design

Solutions with a strong formal balance, ideal for those seeking a minimalist style.

Simple lines, even in the keys, for endless colour combinations. Plana is formal simplicity and colour variety, with four materials available. To enhance the only style we truly care about: Yours.


Serie Plana | placca per interruttori di design

The harmony of PLANA and PLANA Silver

Delicate in white, elegant in glossy Silver, the Plana keys are perfectly coordinated with any cover plate finish, perfectly meeting all installation requirements and adapting to various environments. Maximum functionality combined with a flawless appearance.


Plana e Plana Silver | placche elettriche per interruttori Vimar

Connected wiring series

Wireless 1-way switches and socket outlets

Make a traditional system smart: the Vimar View Wireless system is designed to manage lighting in environments, roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor energy consumption and manage scenarios, with the utmost simplicity using classic 1-way switches, via App or directly by voice.

You can create a connected system, suitable for any architectural context, thanks to the completely matching styling of the digital products and their easy functional expandability. Simply replace traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.

Reflex, the frozen colours

This material provides a special icy effect

Reflex material. To always have a fresh, bright and clear colour.
How? Under a translucent resin layer.
If you love simple and natural things, take a look at our icy tones.

Find out the tones in the configurator 'Fai il punto'


Plana Reflex | Placche elettriche Vimar
Plana | Interruttori e comandi di design Vimar

Select the materials and colours


Precise, multifunctional, customisable

For any energy control requirement, Plana offers commands that meet any installation and functional requirement with technological accuracy. Touch screen, home automation, traditional tilting, radio frequency and infrared controls. A wide choice, as well as the possibility to customise the buttons with back-lit laser-engraved icons combining functionality with design.


Comandi tradizionali e domotici Plana Vimar

Energy distribution

Safe, modular, international

Maximum reliability and safety: the Plana socket outlets are all equipped with the SICURY shutter, a patent filed by Vimar and then offered free-of-charge to all manufacturers, which prevents accidental contact with live parts. Of different types responding to different needs, the socket outlets are available in the most common international standards, and their high modularity makes it possible to install them in different compositions.


Prese di corrente Plana Vimar

Video door entry system

Advanced, contemporary and easy-to-coordinate

Whatever your installation needs, Plana has a high-performing video door entry solution for you, a perfect blend of design, technology and functionality. With no compromise.


Videocitofono da interno Plana Vimar


Extended, effective, defined

The multimedia devices are used to share information, videos and music with the highest quality levels. From sound systems to connectivity devices, Plana offers a minimal design for the world of communication and entertainment.


Sistema per la diffusione sonora Plana Vimar


Intelligent, intuitive, reassuring

From emergency lighting to more sophisticated devices to measure light intensity or create fascinating colourful reflections, with Plana light is always the true star. Just one gesture, and you can create the setting that suits your desires.


Apparecchi di comando illuminazione Plana Vimar


Reliable, subtle, attentive

Plana offers a series of devices that ensure constant monitoring and silently and attentively protect people and environments. Security becomes a certainty, so you can live with total peace of mind.


Sistema By-alarm Plana Vimar

Energy saving

Attentive, respectful, aware

For energy to be a real opportunity, effective and efficient management is essential. This is why Plana offers a wide range of devices that optimise consumption, thus ensuring energy savings and more energy-conscious use.


Comandi per la gestione dell'energia Plana Vimar
Placche elettriche Plana referenza Vimar

PLANA series

Mimetic and subtle Find out who has chosen Vimar products


Plana dresses By-me home automation

Advanced solutions for your home

Plana's advanced solutions are designed to meet the many different needs of those who design, implement and experience living spaces. Thus, to be truly welcoming, a house must also be intelligent.


Domotica e automazioni serie Plana Vimar

Advanced office solutions

High-performing, safe, immediate

For the control, comfort, energy efficiency and safety of offices and tertiary premises, Plana offers a series of devices and systems for the quick, effective and centralised management of all work spaces.


Comandi e dispositivi di controllo Plana Vimar

Advanced hotel solutions

Welcoming, flexible, modular

For hotel management, Plana has a range of innovative devices and systems to control accesses, spaces and manage climate and energy, optimising the facilities and ensuring excellent comfort for guests at all times.


Controllo accessi per albergo Plana Vimar

Solutions for healthcare facilities

Timely, reassuring, scalable

From small clinics to more complex healthcare facilities, it is essential for call devices to always ensure timely intervention and comprehensive assistance. Plana, also in an Antibacterial version, perfectly integrates in these environments with solutions designed to reassure patients and facilitate medical staff.


Sistema di chiamata d'emergenza Plana Vimar

Remote control

Useful, intuitive, reliable

The whole house is always with you. Software and apps allow for remote control in complete safety of all of home automation functions of the building. Thus, with the use of smartphones, PCs and tablets, you can manage lighting and climate, activate or deactivate intrusion, monitor video cameras, monitor consumption and receive alarm messages. Because with Plana the home becomes smart.


Controllo remoto serie Plana Vimar
Placche elettriche Plana referenza Vimar

Plana Series


Find out who has chosen Vimar products


Serie stagna protezione dall'acqua Plana Vimar

Installation solutions

Plana is the ideal solution to meet the most diverse requirements in terms of modularity and use through versatile solutions offering maximum protection and the widest internationality.


Modular solutions

Elegant, versatile, cosmopolitan

The wide range in terms of modularity makes Plana a real passepartout to satisfy any installation requirements both in Italy and abroad. From the most widely used 1, 2 or 3 module cover plates to the capacious 21-module or multi-module cover plaques with different types of distance between centres, Plana is always at the forefront with its all-around Italian-made style.


Installazione modulare Plana Vimar

International solutions

Large, complete, global

Plana offers all the main socket outlets used in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, covering an extremely extensive installation range in compliance with the applicable electrical standards.


Standard internazionali Plana Vimar

ISOSET protected solutions

Resistant, coordinated, enveloping

In the garden, in the garage, under a porch or in the cellar: Plana can be installed literally anywhere while ensuring total safety with its signature style. IP40 and IP55 surface mounting boxes. From 1 to 16 modules, with cover and transparent membrane, with the option of hooking the devices both horizontally and vertically. Plana combines protection and design.


Contenitori a tenuta stagna Plana Vimar

Wireless switches and controls

EnOcean, Bluetooth and ZigBee radio frequency wireless controls make it possible to extend the system to all those areas subjected to architectural restrictions or where masonry work is not an option.

Practicality, freedom of wireless installation and versatility. Suitable for all surfaces (such as wood, glass, masonry, etc.), wireless devices offer the practicality of controls without batteries, thereby respecting the environment while also achieving energy savings.

The series by Vimar feature Philips light bulb controls from the Friends of Hue programme to offer smart lighting control.

Interruttori e comandi wireless Plana Vimar