Wiring devices

EIKON 4D luxury and technology

Discover Eikon, technology and design for those who want to make the lighting device into a real element of interior design.

Vimar Eikon: lusso e tecnologia

ARKE' lives in your time

Contemporary design, advanced functions, home automation that makes running a home simple.

Vimar Arke abita sempre il tuo tempo

PLANA essential, with verve

Discover Plana - unique, essential, universal, linear, international.

Vimar Plana: essenziale con brio

IDEA an updated classic.

A classic yet up-to-the-minute style. Discover the finishes.

Vimar Idea: il classico che si rinnova

Neve Up. Brighten up your living spaces.

A good choice for any residential, hospitality and office spaces.

Neve Up Wiring Device Gnyr9Oiq1Q