Wiring devices

Eikon Exé: the essence of material assumes a new shape

Natural, prized materials, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment.


EIKON 4D luxury and technology

Discover Eikon, technology and design for those who want to make the lighting device into a real element of interior design.


ARKE' lives in your time

Contemporary design, advanced functions, home automation that makes running a home simple.

Vimar Arke abita sempre il tuo tempo

PLANA essential, with verve

Discover Plana - unique, essential, universal, linear, international.

Vimar Plana: essenziale con brio

IDEA an updated classic.

A classic yet up-to-the-minute style. Discover the finishes.

Vimar Idea: il classico che si rinnova