Eikon Exé

Expression of elegance, prestige and sustainability

Impeccable looks and advanced features combine to produce simply extraordinary results. The Eikon Exé wiring series stands out for its design and finishes with high technology solutions devised to evolve side-by-side with lifestyles, making the electrical system unique. It’s designed to be sustainable.

Design, material and finishes

Eikon Exé with Traditional controls

Traditional controls

Pure essence of form and material. Slim profiles to emphasise the design. Precious materials and choice finishes that embrace squared corners and striking silhouettes for a cover plate that blends in seamlessly in any setting, creating an original look every single time.

Eikon Exé with Tondo controls

Tondo controls

Elegant and discreet. The base of the control is backlit, creating a very distinctive halo between the button and the plate. The buttons are different depending on whether a traditional or home automation wiring system is used, in order to have an optimized look depending on the device.

Eikon Exé with Vintage controls

Vintage controls

The mesmerising silhouettes of the past have been restyled with a modern twist to give settings an exclusive, slightly retro style. They offer perfectly matching styling, sophisticated yet at the same time pure and linear, between the controls and the Eikon Exé cover plate in the same finish.

Eikon Exé with Flat controls

Flat controls

The squared, flat shape of the controls affords a pleasant effect flush with the surface to emphasise the textured appeal of the cover plate. When teamed with the respective Eikon Exé cover plate, they generate an elegant Total Look with simple silhouettes and clean-cut geometries.

More than 200 functions

To choose from international standards, modular and versatile solutions with aesthetic coordination always guaranteed

International stand alone functions

Solutions and systems

Living in perfectly integrated and connected spaces

High-tech solutions, both wired and connected, to control a wiring system using the interfaces on your smartphone, or voice controls. We design home and building automation systems with international protocols and standards, which are integrated with video door entry, burglar alarm and CCTV systems. They can be easily integrated with other building management systems.

Find out our solutions for:

  • Smart home
  • Marine
  • Hospitality
Integrated Life

Bespoke solutions

We design ideas

For us, living should be an experience

From the preliminary design, which may also involve an architectural or interior design project, to the rendering and prototyping and manufacturing. Our engineering department and R&D team thoroughly develop the feasibility of the idea, analysing the requirements from all perspectives, to identify the appropriate solution that enhances the value of the request and incorporates the suggested styling. 

  • Understanding the project requirements
  • Devising the best solution to suit your needs
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
Eikon Exé Bespoke

The value of details

Make your wiring system unique

  • Customize cover and controls
  • Choose from our special finishes
  • Personalize and make it yours
Eikon Exé Bespoke cover plate
Eikon Exé Bespoke - color personalization

More colour for your living spaces

More than 200 shades of cover plates and buttons

In addition to the existing range of colours in the catalogue, with Eikon Exé series in metal, you can choose to paint the cover plate in a special RAL K7 specification. We decide together the possibility of painting controls and functions in colour as the cover plate, to create the effect which suits the style of the facility and add further value to the architectural project.

Eikon Exé Bespoke - personalization

A versatile system

Modular design to suit the needs for your international projects

Easy to match the style to accommodate various installation requirements for home or hospitality applications. Our cover plate offering is distinguished by total versatility in terms of both modular design and installation; for example, match round sockets with the functions and style of the Eikon Exé range for a distinctive effect and simplifying everyday gestures.

The Sustainability approach

Our commitment for the future

We believe that environmental awareness and climate change are concerns that affect our generation and, most importantly, future generations. Circular economy, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility are opportunities for development and growth. We advocate for a new design thinking: through our work, research, and design, we are committed to addressing the pressing challenges to regenerate the environment.

Here's how we do it:

  • products assessed from an LCA perspective with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD - PEP Ecopassoport) for high-rotation products which determines resource consumption and the impacts that each phase of the product’s life cycle has on the environment.
  • 80% recycled and recyclable raw materials: the metal components are made with recycled material and the moulding plastic is re-processed and reintroduced into the production cycle;
  • 94% of waste produced was sent for recovery and recycling, thanks to a scrupulous internal process and classification of waste products;
  • painting with reduced environmental impact: using water-based or UV-reticulating paints for a reduced solvent emission into the atmosphere;
  • 100% of packaging is fully recyclable: product cases, enclosures and boxes are made of recycled cardboard or card, printed with water-based ink and the paper used is FSC certified.